Ring Settings and Styles

What are ring settings?

The setting of a ring refers to how its gemstones are combined with the ring's metal band. This usually takes place by mounting the stones on the ring, or by setting the stones into the metal. There is a variety of different settings to choose from, all of which contribute to a ring's overall appearance, desirability and style. 

What are the ring styles? 

The ring styles that are available differ hugely. Therefore, when shopping for engagement rings, it is important to find a style that complements your own personal taste. Some styles are simple and elegant, displaying timeless beauty, whilst others many be on the more extravagant and decorative side. 

Finding the perfect ring setting and style is one of the most important elements to consider when buying an engagement ring. This is because the style and the setting combine to define how the the stones are presented, and what metal is used for the band. We hope that you will gain a more informed insight into the rings and settings that you can pick from.


Solitaire Ring Settings


Solitaire Settings

The solitaire settings are classic and timeless in appearance. This is the most common and popular setting, consisting of 4-6 claws that tightly grip a single diamond, holding it in place.

This setting elevates the stone, allowing it to become the prominent centre piece of the ring. This causes a significant amount of light to pass through the diamond, adding to its shine and brilliance.

Solitaire settings also compliment a variety of diamond shapes and sizes, which is perfect for those looking for a simple, but unique style, whilst still maintaining the desired classic and timeless look. 


Multi Stone Ring Settings


Multi-Stone Settings

A multi-stone ring is simply a ring set with more than one stone. This setting consistently maximises the brilliance and sparkle of the overall style, as well as adding more complexity to the overall appearance.

Choosing a multi-stone setting gives you the opportunity to explore your own style and creativity, as the diamonds used can be varied in size, type and shape. 


Wedding and Eternity Ring Settings


Wedding Bands and Eternity Rings

Plain wedding bands have an unmatched timeless class and simplicity, even without the presence of diamonds. The beauty of this band lies within its purity and refined elegance. Plain wedding bands are typically available in white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium and silver. 

Eternity rings are a style of band that are often given as gifts on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthday's and Valentines Day. They come in a variety of settings, with all of them sharing the same characteristic of securely holding an array of diamonds in place. They are mostly available in claw, channel, pave and bezel settings. The sparkle that encircles the finger adds personality to a simple band.


Halo Settings


Halo Settings

A halo setting comprises of a centre stone encircled by a halo of smaller diamonds. It guarantees maximum brilliance and shine as the halo stones are designed to reflect light into the stone. 

This style paves the way to turning a modest looking diamond into a seemingly larger diamond ring, as it adds to the width of a stone, boosting the appearance of a once small diamond.